Self-Help Publishing is founded by a group of digital marketers based in Singapore. We started off as affiliates promoting Personal Development products on ClickBank using emails. Then we moved on to the world of CPA, promoting hundreds of affiliate offers over the past few years.

We decided that it is time to create our own offers and that is the reason why we are back to ClickBank. But this time round, as a vendor.

As a vendor, we only have 2 goals in mind.
  • Goal #1 - Create high quality products that truly help the people who purchase them
  • Goal #2 - Help our partners (you) make lots of profits in the meantime
Goal #1
We take a long time to carry out research in order to uncover what people really want. 

Then, we deliver to them with the highest quality products that we can create. (Honestly, we spare no expense when we come to product creation!)

This helps keep customers happy, resulting in low refund and chargebacks.

Goal #2
Our team consistently carry out high-impact conversion split tests (no, that does not include changing the color of the call to action) and optimization throughout our funnels.

The skills that we picked up as CPA Marketers shine over here with the ability to track and analyze data. We are also armed with the ability to come up with strong hypothesis to carry out tests on.

To make it short, we are relentless when we come to testing and tracking.

We know that you had poured in your resources to build up your lists, circles & communities.

And that's why, we just want to work just as hard or even harder than you in order to deliver the profits or EPCs you are looking for.

Our offers appeal to General Personal Development, Law of Attraction, New Age, Self-Help etc.

So if you have not yet promoted our offers before, send some test traffic over and see the results for yourself.

Should you have any issues, feel free to contact us via jv@selfhelppublishing.com.

Talk soon,


High Demand Offer
We start creating our products only after weeks of intensive research. When we start creating our products, we spare no expense to deliver only the highest quality.
EPCs Optimized Funnel
Our offer usually comes with 3 solid upsells that are complementary to the frontend product. This means extra potential profits & bumping up your EPCs even more.
World Class Copy
A strong offer with optimized funnel is nothing without world class copywriter to write the copy. We hire only the BEST to put their pen on the paper.
Relentless Testing
We are always split testing something for our offers because we believe that the control is meant to be beaten. We carry out big impact tests that will bump the EPCs significantly.
Email Profits*
When your leads join our email lists via your affiliate links, we will be promoting our offers to them via our high converting email sequences. You still be credited for the sale!
Retargeting Profits*
We really push the limit with this one. When your lead lands on our landing pages, we will run retargeting ads to them and any sale will still be credited to you!
*NOTE: You will be credited for the sale and awarded the commission when your lead buys through our email sequences and retargeting that we launch. We will not override your affiliate link during the follow-ups for the particular offer you send them to. As long as the leads are still cookied with your affiliate link, you will receive the commission. Everything is tracked automatically by ClickBank and you do not have to carry out any extra steps.


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