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You will find promotional tools and materials that you can use right away to promote the BioEnergy Code on this page. We use the trusted ClickBank to process all affiliate payments, so if you do not have an account with ClickBank, do create an account by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQs section which contains valuable information and the do's and don'ts when promoting BioEnergy Code. If you cannot find what you are looking for, free free to contact us at jv@selfhelppublishing.com and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

 Latest News / Announcements

25th February 2021:
We are accepting requests for pixel placements again. For the past few weeks, we've been making upgrades to our load speed so that affiliates will be able to send huge traffic without worrying about any speed issues. In addition, we've been banning affiliates who are not abiding by the rules. Do check our the "FAQs" section to avoid getting banned. For Facebook Pixel Placement request, head over to this link: https://forms.gle/u8fpwy16usYUYEzZ9

31st January 2021:
We are not accepting any more requests for pixel placements.

20th December 2020:
Update for emailers: We've gotten our top email swipes re-written and got it converting even more. Get the new swipes here >>>

14th December 2020:
For media buyers, do fill up the Pixel Placement Request Form to get your pixels hard-coded into our pages. We are seeing a good number of media buyers banking $1-$2k/day with BioEnergy Code.

13th December 2020:
We've reformatted our Text Based Sales Letter on Desktop and it has 2.52x our conversions.

20th October 2020:
We have coded our frontend landing page from ground up to make it extremely lightweight and hosted it on a dedicated server. It brought the loading speed from an average of 12 sec to an average of 2.5 sec. After implementing the new pages, our desktop conversion rate improves by 37.50% and mobile conversion rate improves by 37.83%.

16th October 2020:
Thank you to all affiliates! BioEnergy Code is now TOP 10 in the category we had listed in. Start promoting the BioEnergy Code before it really catches fire and gets saturated! 🔥🔥

Frequently Asked Questions

Over at this section, you will find all the frequently asked questions from our affiliates. So look through here first to get a quick answer for your question. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us at jv@selfhelppublishing.com and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

  Will I get paid commissions on upsells?

Yes, you will be credited 75% across all 3 upsells. Even if the customer does not purchase any upsells at first, you will still be credited the commissions for any upsells purchased within the 60 days cookie period.

  Can I use your logo, image, video & any assets or replicate your website?

No, you are not allowed to use our logo, images, videos or any assets that are not found and downloaded from this Affiliate Tools Area. You are not allowed to give a false perception to the customer that your website a property of ours. You are not allowed to misrepresent us in any way. Any affiliates found to flout this rule will have their commissions forfeited & banned from promoting this offer. Should you need to use any of our assets, send us an email to jv@selfhelppublishing.com and we will review each case by case.

  Can I direct link to your offer pages from advertising platforms?

No, you are not allowed to direct link to our offer pages from any advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google & Bing. You have to build a bridge page before pushing the traffic to our offer pages. We came from the Affiliate Marketing space and we can assure you that building a bridge page (squeeze page to collect emails, quiz/survey, advertorials etc.) will help presell and give you a higher probability of getting a positive ROI right out of the gate. The chance of getting a positive ROI from direct linking is almost ZERO. 

With that being said, you are only allowed to directly send traffic to our offer pages if you are sending the traffic from email. Any affiliates found to flout this rule will have their commissions forfeited & banned from promoting this offer.

  How will I receive commission?

This offer is launched on ClickBank and they handle all affiliate tracking and affiliate payments. If you do not have a ClickBank account, head over here to create one. If you wish to learn more about how you will get paid via ClickBank, click here to read more.

  What is the most important thing that I should take note of?

Keep a lookout for our emails as we will share our split-test results and any contests or bump events that you can make a lot more of commissions within a short period of time. 

Some affiliate promotional rules:

- DO NOT bid on "BioEnergy Code / Bio Energy Code / BioEnergyCode / Bio EnergyCode" on Google Ads. Bing is open for all at the moment.

- DO NOT use negative promotional tactics. E.g. BioEnergy Code Scam?

"BioEnergy Code Legit or Scam" is alright. However, BioEnergy Code MUST NOT be seen solely with Scam/Fake or any other negative words.

- DO NOT send paid traffic direct linking to our websites as you will get banned from those advertising platforms and you will get banned from promoting our offers. Send paid traffic to a bridge page (optin page, advertorial, article) then send the lead to our offer page.

- DO NOT send any traffic directly to order forms.

- DO NOT send any traffic directly to downsell offers.

Once again, any affiliates flouting the rules above will be banned.

Other than that, enjoy promoting this offer and see your bank account grow exponentially this year! 🔥🔥

Affiliate Hoplinks

You can find your hoplinks below which can get your started in promoting the BioEnergy Code.

You will need a ClickBank account to promote this offer, if you do not have it yet, do create a free account here (takes less than 60 seconds!).

Once you have a ClickBank Account Nickname, you are ready to send traffic to our offers!

Replace the xxxcbidxxx with your ClickBank Nickname.

Do test your links in incognito mode.
🔥Highest Converting, Highest EPCs🔥 - Direct To BioEnergy Code VSL
👁️ALTERNATIVE👁️ - Direct To BioEnergy Code VSL (Price Reveal Right Away)
*Not Recommended For 1st Time Visitor* Send this link to leads who had already seen the VSL without the price reveal first.
✍🏻Alternative High Converting Landing For Desktop✍🏻 - Direct To BioEnergy Code TSL
👍🏻Facebook Friendly (Pixel Placement)👍🏻 - Direct To BioEnergy Code VSL
⚡Highest Clicks⚡- Free Gift - "Manifesting Miracles" Optin Page
For advanced affiliates, you can add a &tid=ExampleTID to the end of each link to attribute the click or conversion to any parameter you want. 

E.g. https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=xxxcbidxxx&vendor=bienergyco&tid=email2020

Read more about it here.

Email Swipes

Below you will find all the converting email swipes to either the Free Gift Page or BioEnergy Code VSL. We tested each email before we include them here in the Affiliate Tools Page. You can rest assured that they will generate results for you!

Do remember to replace the underlined text in each email with your own hoplinks!
*New Swipes*
We took the best swipes and get them re-written to get even better conversions. Test them for yourself and hear the ka-ching sound 24/7.

Email Swipes For Free Gift

⚡Highest Clicks⚡- Free Gift - "Manifesting Miracles" Optin Page

💰Email Swipes For VSL💰

🔥Highest Converting, Highest EPCs🔥 - Direct To BioEnergy Code VSL


Dear Affiliate,

If you are looking to buy media from Facebook/Google to promote the BioEnergy Code, we can provide you will the following:

- Pixel Placement
- 3,000 Recent Buyers Hashed Email List

Here’s some answers to the FAQs.

Q: Are there affiliates promoting your offer successfully on Facebook?
A: Yes. There are and some are making $1k-$1.5k a day.

Q: What are the top converting demographics, device and interest?
A: Buyers’ data show 55% Female and 45% Male. Buyers are aged 35 to 65+. Buyers are mainly from the US, UK, CA, AU. Both Desktop & Mobile traffic converts. We will not reveal the interests that are working since it is the key unfair advantage for better media buyers who do their research ;)

Q: Do you have an email list of buyers to create an initial custom audience?
A: Yes, a hashed email list of 3k hot recent buyers will be provided after filling up the Facebook Pixel Placement Request form so that you can create a hot custom audience and lookalike audience from it.

Q: What is your average refund rate?
A: 4.1%. We spent $2000 a month to create daily and weekly content for subscribers. Our support team replies to all tickets within 6 hours. This combination keeps the refund rate low. We are going to continue to add more value to the customers to drive the refund rate even lower.

Q: What is your average order value?
A: At the moment, it is hovering between $50 to $56.

Q: Is there a commission bump?
A: Yes, there is an instant 5% bump to 80% when you fill up the Facebook Pixel Placement Request form. There is one more milestone to get your commission bumped to 90%.

Q: Is there a recurring offer for your product?
A: Yes, there is and it is offered to buyers at checkout as an order bump so you can see recurring commissions month after month.

Q: Do you have performing creatives that we can use at the moment?
A: We don't have ready-made creatives that you can use. Kindly do your research on what other affiliates are doing via research tools. If it is performing, we can't possibly rip our own affiliates' efforts and pass on to other affiliates, right? It goes the same for you, we will keep your secret safe if your creatives are converting well too :)

Q: Can I direct-link my ad to the VSL?
A: No, you cannot because you will get your account banned. Do use a bridge page - optin page, advertorial or quiz survey page before directing the traffic to the offer page.

Q: Can I add my pixel to your pages?
A: Yes, we can add your pixel to the OTO page right after the customer buys to fire the Purchase event. Do fill up the Facebook Pixel Placement Request form below.

Q: Can you place other pixels for Google/YouTube/Bing?
A: Only Facebook at the moment, will open up to other advertising platforms soon.

So if you’re keen to get started, fill up the Facebook Pixel Placement Request form here and you’ll get a response between 1-2 business days.

Facebook Pixel Placement Request Form: https://forms.gle/u8fpwy16usYUYEzZ9

Google / Bing

Here are some keyword ideas to help you get started:

Guided Meditation
Law of Attraction
The Secret
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